Share the Language of Love

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Every mother and child knows of a once-loved belonging they just can’t throw away. But what if that cherished bunny, that favorite nighttime story or those pink shoes with bows could bring joy to another child?

That’s just what moms and kids throughout India did in 2012: “Share the Language of Love” by sharing once-favorite clothes, toys, books and other belongings with children who otherwise may not have them.

The special initiative “Share the Language of Love” brought together JOHNSON’S® Baby, retail partners and Goonj, a Delhi-based non-governmental charitable organization that specializes in distributing underutilized essentials to improve lives in rural areas. The campaign helped raise awareness, simplify the donation process and ensure distribution of materials.

As part of the awareness campaign, kids were provided do-it-yourself kits to create items that they contributed. Moms were recruited as champions, using collection kits to help galvanize their housing societies and get contributions for the campaign. A TV advertisement, newspaper inserts and a viral video - showing a flash mob dance routine with kids at a mall—also raised awareness and invited participation.

Some 40,000 items were collected through one retail partner alone. Every child who participated got a certificate and a badge reading “I just shared the language of love.” And on the initiative’s Facebook page, moms expressed pride and thanks for what their children learned in helping to care for others.


JOHNSON’S ® Baby India Facebook page

From the 2012 Johnson & Johnson Annual Report